Artistry Unleashed Club

Artistry Unleashed is a FREE club that meets the third Friday evening of every month at 6pm.  This club is a very hands-on club, so come prepared to get messy & have fun.  In this club you can plan on exploring a wide variety of mixed-media techniques.

Check out the Artistry Unleashed Album for inspiring photos!

Please be sure to scroll down to see the supply list for this month!

Next meeting: Friday, December 15th, 6pm

In December Dana is going to do Fountain and Dip Pens 101.  Dana has a little bit of a collection of lovely fountain and dip pens that she will share with all of us. She’ll cover setting up your new fountain pen, inks, and their care, including how to properly clean them, especially if you’re changing ink colors.

Bring your own fountain, dip, or calligraphy pens, and a variety of papers and inks. Let’s get to know about these ancient and modern tools.

Remember, even if you don’t have any pens, you’re still welcome to come and learn.



As a side note, if you’re looking to destash supplies but don’t want to just throw them away, we’ve been collecting for the Ronald McDonald Houses. The kids always need things to do and making art is a lot of good for them. They don’t have to be perfect, new, or fine art supplies. Even leftover bits and pieces can be used somehow. Please do check that things aren’t dried out or unusable. We are ONLY accepting at Artistry Unleashed club or Book Arts club. Please DO NOT take your donation to Ink Paper Rubber and expect Jen to accept them. This is something the two clubs are doing on their own. Your understanding and generosity is kindly appreciated.


Speaking of the “Regular class kit” I’ve had a couple ask what that means. For me it’s a tote bag I keep a set of basic tools and supplies in for classes and clubs. That way I’m hopefully not forgetting something I need and I don’t have to pack and unpack every time. So here’s what’s in mine. You don’t have to do this, but it does make life easier👏. Hope this helps.
Scissors -large and small
A small variety of inexpensive paint brushes
Baby wipes
Paper towels
Cotton rag
My apron
Smallish bottles of gesso, matt medium, and my favorite all round glue
Adhesives, glue stick, glue tape dispenser and refill
Variety of pens and pencils, black Sharpie, white pen, Stabilo marks all
A few old credit cards and a couple palette knives
Small bottle of alcohol hand cleaner
Mini Vintage Photo Distress Ink pad and make-up sponge and mini Versafine black stamp pad



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