Book Arts Club

This FREE club is for lovers’ of all things related to books.  Do you love making books, altering books or art journaling?  If so, then this is the club for you.

Book Arts meets the last Sunday afternoon of every month at 2pm.  Please check the calendar for details on each month’s meeting and what supplies to bring with you.

Next meeting: Sunday, August 27th, 2pm

This is a club where everyone shares their knowledge and love of making and altering books. As such it is not a class, but a group participation. Come prepared to share what you’ve been working on, and ideas for future meetings. Even if you don’t want to make the project, feel free to come and enjoy.  Jen is kind enough to allow our club to meet at Ink Paper Rubber for free, so we bring our own supplies for any projects.

August and September we’ll be working on a book with several different techniques. We’ll be using recycled paper bags, rust dying cloth for the cover and using Coptic stitch binding adapted for soft cover books. There will be some homework between August and September, but nothing hard and you’ll learn a lot.

In August we’ll get started with the rust dyeing cloth and processing the paper bags for the signatures.  You can bring your supplies and work along, although you will definitely have to let things dry at home. Or you can watch and take notes and pictures to work from at home. We will be using vinegar, and working outside, since we don’t want to make it toxic in the shop.  September will have us binding the signatures and applying the cover.

See below for supplies to bring!

August supplies

  • Rusty things like paper clips, straight pins or needles, wire, nuts and bolts large or small, lock nuts, gears, pieces of rusty metal etc. You don’t need a gallon bucket full, just about a soup can full will be plenty.
  • A piece or two of cotton cloth like mens hankies, old tea towels, very light canvas, etc. About 12″ x 12″  You will rust dye this, so not something precious.
  • Cotton string and or lace ribbon variety of widths, about a yard. This will also be rust dyed.
  • At least about a pint spray bottle filled with vinegar and water solution, 50/50.
  • Metal or plastic pan to hold your wet, vinegary bundle. Not a good baking pan, you can’t use this for cooking after rust dyeing in it.
  • Large paper bags, I used grocery bags. You’ll need at least 4 for the book, but just a couple at club to see how to make the pages will be enough.
  • Scissors
  • Metal or plastic pan for your wet bag pages.
  • Note paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Paper towels
  • Optional-watercolor paper to fit bottom of rusting pan.


We welcome visitors who want to come see what we’re doing.  This is a free club without any membership requirements.









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